sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Sistema de 4 Canales en Tiempo Real

32 channel DVR standalone H-264

This product is one of the more powerful CCTV video security cameras systems that we sale in our store. A 32 channel DVR standalone with Real-time H-264 compression and 4 Channel playback at the same time, have also 2 channel Video output, insert 32�/4 matrix,VGA for LCD monitors, SATA HDD support USB 2.0,PS2, keyboard support and Innovative Intelligent Temperature Thermal Technology.32 channel DVR The CIF resolution of recording, playback for each 32 channel DVR and Round-independent voice channel are the best future for this high quality low cost professional CCTV video security camera camaras de seguridad system.
3 video out play at the same time
Video 1: show setup and config system.
Video 2: for outside the office or from door the business (this video output not show the setup if you play with the video 1 at the same time).
Video 3: VGA for use an LCD monitor. for more info please visit drpcsolution.com/32 channel DVR
Don't lose your time build the 32 channel base PC, now u have the power of 32 channel standalone .

"DVR standalone More quality and less expensive"